Zoe Dargue is a photographer and author from Glasgow, Scotland, skilled in portrait, travel, and event photography. Her unique style features vivid colors and grainy textures, capturing captivating moments globally. Zoe's work has been showcased in magazines, and she has also ventured into children's literature with her book "Brae Discovers Blantyre."

Learn more about Zoe's journey as a photographer and author, her inspirations, and her passion for capturing life's moments on the “about” page!

as featured in

Natures Escape Magazine

Mob Journal Magazine

Vanity Wall Magazine

Looking for a way to spruce up your living space? Look no further than our collection of original photography art. Zoe has an eye for capturing breathtaking sunsets and captivating moments from all corners of the globe – from Japan to Jamaica. Now, you have the chance to showcase these unique and beautiful pieces in your own home.

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(c) zoe dargue 2024

(c) zoe dargue 2024