Zoe dargue

(pronounced “Darg”)

Zoe started her photography journey in 2012. With a passion for portraits, travel, and event photography, Zoe found herself travelling to Jamaica, France, Japan & more.

Zoe’s style of photos is bursting with colour and texture, freezing moments in time, and editing the image to capture the feeling of that very moment.

Beyond photography, Zoe is also a Children’s Author. On May 15th 2023, she released her first book "Brae Discovers Blantyre" a whimsical journey through the past and present of her hometown of Blantyre, Scotland.

Creative Projects

Zoe is known for actively participating in collaborative projects, whether it's for a student’s graded unit or a personal labour of love.

Zoe on the Radio?!

In May 2024, Zoe was invited to speak with Cat on CamGlen Radio about her book “brae Discovers Blantyre” and the upcoming Bygone Con!

Brae Discovers Bygone Con!

Zoe visited the Hamilton Library for Bygone Con, and presented a talk on her journey writing Blantyre's First Children's Book.

In her talk, Zoe shares her experiences and insights on how she learned to teach children through storytelling, highlighting the importance of this art form in shaping young minds.

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(c) zoe dargue 2024

(c) zoe dargue 2024