As the UK Government announced a country wide lockdown on March 23 2020, I (and I'm assuming the rest of the creative community) have had to put bookings and collaborations on hold for the time being. Any shoots which have already been arranged will have had to be postponed & of course arrangements can be made after everything is safe again. Please contact me to have a chat if you're worried about any of this, though. We can work around each other I'm sure :) 

Like most of the country, I am now working from home, able to be my own model and re-edit some old images from the back burner, but also unable to meet with fellow creatives to collaborate. So apologies if you see my wee face more often than usual! I will be happy to collaborate on projects remotely, though! So if you have something in mind, contact me!
Stay safe everyone xo 
Big Love, 
- Zoe
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